We’re Celebrating National Pie Day

Jan 19, 2021

We know, you probably haven’t heard of National Pie Day. To be honest, neither had we. But we’ve taken it as our mission here at Bellflower to make it a pseudo-holiday that matters. So we’ve poured everything we have into a Super Pie Package, showcasing the best of what we do here at Bellflower, from savory to sweet. 

If you sign-on to join us for our 2020 pie extravaganza, you’ll get three distinct pies. You’ll get a beef pasty of warm spices, clove, all-spice, nutmeg and toasted chilies, a vegetarian pasty full of braised collards, paneer, and garam masala, and, for dessert, a lemon cream pie with a milk bread crumb crust.

What’s a pasty? For those of you who aren’t from around these parts, pasties are a kind of hand pie brought to Michigan in the 1840s by tin miners from Cornwall England who immigrated to the Upper Peninsula (UP) in order to work in the mines. (Pasties are semicircular pies with a thick crust that served as an easily-discardable handle, allowing miners, whose hands were often covered in toxic metals, a way to safely consume their meals.) 

“We loved this challenge,” says Bellflower Chef Dan Klenotic, who grew up in the UP, where pasties are still commonplace. “Once we decided to put together a pie package for this Saturday, the baking and kitchen teams got together, trying out different crusts and fillings, and I think we’ve come up with three distinct items that, collectively, are really going to make people happy. The pasties are warm, buttery, flaky, filling and delicious – nothing like the gas station pasties that I grew up with – and the lemon cream dessert pie, which comes in a shell made from Bellflower milk bread crumbs, is nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve had great packages before, but the interplay between our baking team and kitchen team this time felt really good, and we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve come up with.”

This dinner, which we’re selling for $45, should serve two. And we’re only going to make 24 orders, so be sure to get your orders in as soon as possible. Reserve yours now through our online shop. Packages will be available for pickup between 5:00 and 7:00 this Saturday.