Celebrate Mardi Gras Season with a New Orleans Feast from Bellflower!

Jan 22, 2021

Carnival season is in full swing right now in New Orleans, and, since no one is traveling these days, we thought that we’d prepare a take-home New Orleans Feast that might help you tap into the sense of joy that comes with Mardi Gras. 

Our New Orleans Mardi Gras Feast, which is going to be available for pick-up on Saturday, February 6, will include:

  • A generous serving of Crawfish Etouffeé 
  • Louisiana Popcorn Rice 
  • Hot Deviled Crab Dip
  • Two loaves of Bellflower Milk Bread
  • A fresh-baked King Cake complete with “baby

This feast serves two or more people and can be ordered through our online shop starting today. We are offering two versions of the package:

  • Mardi Gras Feast with a bottle of Scaia Corvina (2017), a complex but still very bright and fruity red wine from the Veneto region of northeast Italy, the home of Venice, where the Carnival celebrations of New Orleans have their roots – $115.
  • Mardi Gras Feast without wine – $85.

This will be our last Mardi Gras themed take-home feast before Carnival season comes to an end on Fat Tuesday (February 16). So, if you missed out a few weeks ago, at the outset of Carnival, here’s another chance to redeem yourself and set things right. 

Can we all agree? There really is no better way to prepare for the coming of spring than with good food and wine.