Bellflower Named One of Three Best New Restaurants of 2020 by The Detroit Free Press

Feb 22, 2022

The Detroit Free Press announced in their Sunday, February 20 edition that Bellflower was one of the three best restaurants to launch in 2020. Here’s how the article, written by Free Press food writer Lyndsay Green, begins… “I have conflicting emotions about Bellflower. There’s a sentiment of resentment at the restaurant’s location in Ypsilanti, more than 35 miles form my home on the east side of Detroit, and an equal sentiment of joy for the deserving Ypsilanti community that has Bellflower in its backyard. Before August 2020, when Bellflower celebrate its grand opening, many Ypsilanti residents turned to their neighboring Ann Arbor dining scene for a restaurant of this caliber. With Bellflower, they’ve been bestowed the gift of a scratch restaurant with an imaginative menu inspired by the Cajun and creole cuisines of Louisiana and a chef who strives for perfection at every turn. I’d even go so far as to say that chef Dan Klenotic does not merely strive for perfection; he succeeds at it.”