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Our menu features fresh ingredients and ideas— it changes often. Here is a menu from September 19, 2020.

Chicken mole Bellflower

pimento cheese (v) toasted milk bread, roasted beets in ginger ale | 6

roasted oysters with garlic Parmesan, panko & simple salad, mustard vinaigrette | 14

chilled gulf shrimp spicy cocktail sauce with fresh horseradish, lemon | 12

bibb salad (v, gf) mixed greens & vegetables, buttermilk apple cider dressing | 7

stamp and go red snapper saltfish fritters, habanero soy |11

beef gumbo (gf) braised short rib, oxtail, shrimp stock, smoked beets, tomatillo | 8

boudin sausage, saltines, crystal hot sauce |11

assorted raw oysters (gf) * mignonette, lemon | 3 per

red beans & rice (v) Michigan beans & black-eyed peas, maitake mushroom |7

collard greens local greens, sweet onion, white wine | 5

hot fish, whole fish red snapper, okra, toasted milk bread, pickles | 23

scallops* (gf) endive & cabbage slaw, peanuts, cilantro, caramelized carrots | 24

cauliflower & waffles (v) cauliflower fritters, dosa waffle, tamarind maple syrup | 15

pork collar * pimento wood grilled medium, spicy eggplant relish, mashed potato| 26

duck plate  breast boudin, duck confit, tomato gravy, sourdough cornbread | 27 

veggie plate (v) seasonal chef’s selection | 14

sweets (v) varies daily, ask for today’s offering

Chicken mole Bellflower