Collaborating with “Go Ice Cream” to Make Something Special for the Coldest Day of the Year

Jan 25, 2021

If the last several years are any indication, Friday, January 29 will be our coldest day this winter.  And, to mark the occasion, we’ve got a special that we’re really proud of.

We’ve been huge fans of our friend and neighbor Go! Ice Cream from their very beginning, admiring their dedication to community and craft — and the amazing ice creams that result. So, it was a great pleasure to work together to create a special dessert package in anticipation of the Coldest Day of the Year, secretly smuggling samples back and forth across Washington Street, as we each refined our recipes, ensuring that they worked together in perfect harmony, the way cake and ice cream are supposed to. 

Bellflower’s contribution to this, our first outside collaboration, is a Sticky Molasses Pudding – a riff on a traditional English Sticky Toffee Pudding. The desert consists of a soft, dense date cake made with both whole wheat and rye flours, which is served with a Molasses Caramel Sauce. (We hope you’ll warm the cake in your oven at home, slice it, and smother it in hot caramel.) 

Go Ice Cream, has come up with a creative take on Tiger Tail, a Canadian favorite that traditionally brings together the unlikely elements of orange sherbet and black licorice. The Go version is heightened with an orange blossom ice cream swirled with a molasses & anise caramel swirl for a beguiling flavor with an amazingly harmonious floral and spice finish!

Together, we’re sure this duo will bring warmth to your night. It might also warm your heart to know you’re supporting two innovative local businesses (who love and appreciate you very much) at once. 

The Bellflower and Go Coldest Day Dessert Package, which consists of a pint of ice cream and a whole toffee cake, is $30. Order yours now, before we sell out! 

Add A Warming Cocktail… When our bar team heard about our cake and ice cream collaboration, they demanded samples,  and took on the challenge of finding a complimentary cocktail with unparalleled enthusiasm. What they came up with is a new bourbon cocktail they’re calling The Country Doctor, which contains bourbon, Fernet amaro, Frangelico, white crème de cacao, and walnut bitters. The flavor is a savory and refreshing complement to the rich, robust cake and ice cream.  Get your Country Doctor for $17 when ordering your Bellflower and Go Coldest Day Dessert Package. (Each bottle makes two drinks.)