Oyster butter garlic bread and organic Catalonian white wine

Nov 21, 2020

Since we sold-out so quickly with our “Cuddle up and Watch a Movie” pepperoni roll and wine special a few days ago, we thought we come up with something new to fill the void this cold November weekend… While supplies last, we’re offering a new wine and bread package.

Your friends at Bellflower have been shucking and smoking oysters for the past 24 hours, and we’re ready to announce the creation of our new smoked oyster butter garlic bread. [If you loved the milk bread we make here at Bellflower, just wait until you’ve tried it with garlic and fresh, smoked, pan-seared oysters.] This package includes:

2 of Bellflower’s new smoked oyster butter garlic bread loaves

1 incredible bottle of Avinyó Petillant Blanc (2019) from Penedes, Catalonia

Here’s what Bellflower sommelier Jenn Lucier has to say about the wine: “Organic and slightly effervescent, this Petillant Blanc has fine and delicate bubbles. The Catalan name for this wine is vi d’agulla, which translates roughly to the ‘prickly wine,’ in reference to its effervescence. It has a crisp, fresh and aromatic nose with bright acidity. Also on the nose are notes of grapefruit, lemon, and orange blossom. Tastes of pear, grapefruit, tropical fruits, dried apricot, and slight honeysuckle on the palate.” In addition to Bellflower’s new smoked oyster butter garlic bread, Lucier suggests the Avinyó Petillant Blanc pairs well with; crudités, fresh melon, raw oysters, clams, shrimp or vegetable dumplings, and feta cheese.

And here’s how chef Dan describes the smoked oyster butter garlic bread: “We’ve smoked and pan-seared fresh oysters, deglazing them with white wine and lemon juice. And then we’ve taken that, and folded it into our compound butter, which is full of garlic, and black pepper, and then we’ve grated parmesan cheese over the whole thing. I love the brininess of it, and it works so well with our milk bread, which is so fluffy. In each bite, you get this pillowy milk bread, and these crispy bits of pan-seared oyster. And it all works together to produce this wonderful umami taste. It reminds me in a way of eating crab roe. It’s incredibly delicious, especially with the Spanish wine that Jenn has selected.”

Offer good while supplies last. Order now! Just hit the “order now” button and look under the “Date Night Special”.