Announcing Our Spring Menu

Mar 16, 2021

On March 10, we rolled out our new spring menu here at Bellflower. Following are the main elements of that menu. They will likely evolve over time, as we adapt to take advantage of fresh and local ingredients, but this should give you an idea of what you’ll find when you visit Bellflower this spring. (Check our social media channels for mention of specials as we introduce them.)

roasted oysters garlic, pecorino, milk bread crumb & simple salad | 16

scallop ceviche (gf) aji amarillo, corn nuts, cilantro | 14

peel & eat shrimp old bay, comeback sauce, cocktail | 14

local greens & vegetables (v) (gf) citrus vinaigrette | 8

mussels white wine, herbs, shallot, torn milk bread | 16

shrimp toast worcestershire, crystal hot sauce, butter | 17

pan fried steak rye toast, pepper jelly, market vegetable | 26

basmati rice (v) (gf) potatoes, eggplant, lentil gravy, hot pepper, yogurt | 16

salmon cakes tomato gravy with bacon, greens | 24

scallops (gf) recado negro, merliton, pickled onion, citrus | 34

smothered tamales (gf) charro beans, iceberg, cotija, salsa verde | 19

pork collar red eye gravy, beignets, spring onion | 26

whole dorade (gf) mussels, striped bass, yellow mole, cactus, okra | 44

Dinner service begins at 5:00 PM Monday through Saturday, and continues until 10:00 PM. (While our to-go sandwich counter is open on Sundays, we do not offer dine-in dinner service.) Our dinner menu is available for dine-in only.